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Manufactura. Timenotes Application

Released 4 april 2011      Our own project

How long until Christmas?
How long since our wedding day?
How long until Independence Day?
Answers to these questions


Timenotes is iPhone application that keeps track of years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds before or after an important event.

You can find out how close Christmas is.

Surprise your girlfriend by telling her the exact number of seconds gone by since your first date.

Don’t miss the Armageddon predicted by the Mayas!

Twenty themes inside

Every event is special. So you can choose a different design for it.

But can you be limited by 20 themes? Wish you had more?

If so and you enjoyed the application then leave a comment in AppStore. When there we receive 100 comments we will issue another set with additional 20 themes!


With Timenotes you are able to have more detailed information about each event.

117,690 seconds have gone by since Steve’s party a couple of days ago. It was 2,961 minutes or 49 hours or 2 days ago.

You wonder why you need it? Well, you can know not only how many years you have lived but also how many months, minutes even seconds!

Get a bigger scope!

Local Notification

Timenotes wouldn’t be so wonderful without local notifications which remind you about an upcoming event!

Don’t forget to congratulate your friends on their birthdays! Don’t miss that game! You can’t miss that sunrise!

With the help of an you can adjust notifications.

Enjoy it!

Beautiful Icon

We want the application icons to be your iPhone screen embellishment.

That includes the Timenotes.

Landscape View

With such a view you can place your iPhone on a set and count down the remaining seconds till the New Year with a chorus of friends.

Landscape view is a perfect screen option: while the phone is being charged you can count how long before you can leave your work place with a sigh of relief.


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